My Prayer for 7-27-15

Gracious and loving Father, you are the uncaused cause and the perfect example of relationship. Father, I thank you for brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank you for their hugs and smiles. I thank you for their honest communication. I thank you for their loving support and care. I thank you for bring every…

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My Prayer for 7-14-15

Who is like you, God? Who can stay your hand at what you will? Who can stand at the measure of your holiness? Who can hold a candle to the whirlwind of your Spirit? Who is there that compares to the righteousness of the Son?

Teach Us Your Ways

Orange Sunrise feat image

Father, Teach us your ways so that we can walk in your truth. Give us undivided hearts that know you and respect and revere your holiness and your great name. We praise you, Father, with all our hearts and seek to glorify you forever. Your love for us is great. You deliver us from the…

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Working For Our Greater Good

Flower 7-1-15

Father, I want to thank you for constantly working for our greater good and your glory. I’m reminded in a post from Janet Ross that you are constant, whatever we go through. What a blessing that is to me as I walk through these days of swirling uncertainty and transition. You are my rock and…

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Joy In Verse Podcast

Don’t Listen to the Lies An encouragement verse for today, don’t listen to the lies of the world. Believe what God says about you.