Book Cover, Findings:  My Journey to Joy

From the early years to the present, readers will find that Joy’s journey to her savior is one of inspiration and hope.

Having traveled many miles on life’s weary path, Joy’s wisdom will direct readers on the ultimate journey, one to the Master Healer, the source of true joy.

We all struggle with loss and self-image issues, and most likely more than one point or another during our lifetime. Some of us have deeper wounds to nurse than others, but we can all use the encouragement offered by the artful series of poems compiled by Joy S. Taylor in Findings: My Journey to Joy.

In her work, the author takes you from her early years to the present on a tour from low-esteem canyon to Heaven’s gates. She shares with the reader the treasures she found along the way. The greatest of which is that through finding herself in Christ, she found true joy. Findings: My Journey to joy points you to the Master Healer, who fills in all the holes in your being which just living leaves behind. Miles of life’s road lie between where Joy travels today and the point at which she started.

For 7 years, Joy led the DivorceCare support group and worked with the support groups of Celebrate Recovery for 10 years. She founded an encouragement ministry, Joy in Verse Ministry, Inc., to praise God, promote Christian poetry and point to Jesus. The ministry seeks to send encouraging messages through Joy’s poetry, coupled with Bible verses.

“Findings: My Journey to Joy” is a delightful compilation of thoughtful and challenging poetry. The author will take you on her journey and have you experiencing the emotional roller coaster that brought her through these challenging times in her life.  The author has poured her heart and soul into this book, and I know that you will enjoy her journey.”

Charles E. Seevers
Director, Kids for Christ International



I have listened to your CD and your poems are spectacular!  God has definitely blessed you.  We are excited about helping you get the word out about your book.

Jessica Hellige, ETC Magazine, St. Louis, MO



This poem has a strong emotional core…with good rhythms and a strong end.”

Len Roberts,
Chairman, ILP Editorial Review Board
in his review of “Fate of the Rhymer.”


Come to understand, as I have learned, that God is constant. That He has written in my heart, “You are mine.  I love you. I will empower you. I encourage you. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are precious. I will always love you.” Life is a journey. Physically, we move through time from cradle to grave. Hopefully, we learn something along the way. Our paths wind up peaks of elation, down valleys of tragedy, over rivers of tears. Each day we face a new set of wanderings taking us closer to the end of the trail. Where we end up physically isn’t important. Where we end up spiritually is everything. You and I are alike. We have experienced much…much that is good, much that is difficult. Come with me on this journey and find lasting joy. Seek joy.

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