Photo Courtesy: David Graham

Who is like you, God? Who can stay your hand at what you will?  Who can stand at the measure of your holiness? Who can hold a candle to the whirlwind of your Spirit?  Who is there that compares to the righteousness of the Son? There is no one like you: no one to calm my fears like you, none better at redeeming my sorrow, nothing like you to lean upon in my weakness.  There is none.  You are the one true God.

You told me over and over as I read through Isaiah. Who foretold events 100 years before they took place? Who named names of your servants not to be born for generations to come? You, you are the one who stretched out the heavens and ignited the stars. I bring my hopes and dreams to you.  I bring my longings for healing to you. I bring even my unspoken need to you.  I praise you that you are already hearing and that you work daily to lead me and make my way smooth.

Lead me closer to you, Father. Lead me home.  I ask in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior, and according to your perfect will.