Dearest Father in heaven, Lord of all, who stretches out creation, warms and cools the air, and calms the tempests, you search me thoroughly and know when I sit or when I stand. You know my thoughts, even from heaven. You know the way I walk and talk, and you are familiar with all my ways. Before I say anything, you know what is on my tongue. You encircle me with your robe, you lay your hand upon me. That knowledge is too deep for me to grasp, and too wonderful for me to understand. Where can I go from your Spirit? There is nowhere to go from your presence. You are there when I’m up. When I am in the pit of despair, you are there. If I would go to the end of the earth, your powerful and victorious right hand would hold me. If I believe that the darkness will surely engulf me, you speak to the darkness. You formed me from my very first cells, you grew me and nurtured me. I am wonderfully made by your very own hand. Your eyes saw me and numbered my days, before I was. My thoughts of you are precious and numerous. Search me, Father, and try me so that there will be nothing in me that saddens you. You are ever with me. Lead me in your everlasting ways. Let me dwell in you house forever. I ask in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ, and according to your good and perfect will. Amen. (taken from Psalm 139 ESV)