KY sunset thru trees2_200x113We may not have to grow up, though it is an astoundingly good idea, but…we do have to grow old. So, whatever age you are, unless you have already attained or surpassed it, you are approaching 65.Time rolls right over us, ain’t no stoppin’ it, my friend. Now, that begs the question, what are you doing with the portion of time allotted to you?
I have to tell a story on myself, because I wasn’t inspired by the aging thing to write this poem at first. The title came to mind, because I had taken a series of pictures of a sunset while driving 65 miles per hour on my way home from Kentucky. Yep, pointed the camera out the car window and snapped the pics. Talk about distracted driving. I was just so taken by the beautiful sunset, and I was surprised as how well the pictures turned out. So, I had the title, and no poem. What to do?
That is the operative question. What are we to do as we get older, and isn’t there more urgency the closer we get to 65 to do something meaningful before there is no more doing? Every day puts you one day closer to 65 no matter how old you are, unless you have already surpassed 65. In which case, the urgency for you is even greater. What are you doing for God’s kingdom? It’s the only doing that makes an eternal difference. Carpe diem, seize the day!
“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:15-16 ESV)
Sunset at Sixty-five
Does my sun set at sixty-five?
Is that the age I cease to strive?
Do I have nothing more to give
When I arrive at 65?
I think not, for I have just begun to live
To stretch myself and truly give
Of what the Lord has blessed me with.
Were I to stop at sixty-five
And slow myself to rocker pace,
Back out of the human race
To sit and watch the world go by,
Someone who needs a hand to hold,
An ear to hear, a heart to care,
A word to cheer,
Might not get it.
No, I’ll accelerate through 65
‘Til the road rolls into the last
And grandest sunset I’ll see.
For until then, someone needs me.
Father, I come before your mercy seat in reverence and honor of how great you are. Grant us your favor, Father to live out our days wisely and humbly before you. Guide us through your task list, and give us the training needed to complete it in the time you give us. Put in our hearts the desire and urgency to be working steadfastly for your purposes and for your glory. I ask that you be a constant presence with us. I pray in the name of Jesus, who rent the veil to give us direct access to you, according to your good and perfect will. Amen.