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A Review of Joy S. Taylor’s “A View from the Pews”

by Keith Kepley 4/9/2022

Kids say the darnedest things.  We have to wait so long for them to talk.  We eagerly anticipate them talking.  Then they start talking and we wish they would stop.

Life is so much simpler when the adults in the room have total control over the narrative and all other voices are silent.  When the kids start talking, we have to wrestle with whether we actually believe Jesus when He says that the entrance to His world is in becoming like one of those talkative little kids.


Do we believe Jesus?

Over the past seven years, I have heard many established spiritual leaders / “adults in the room” (St. Louis Christian College, Solomon Foundation, Southeast Louisville Christian Church, multiple major St. Louis-based churches, etc.) communicate some version of the following: “First Christian Church of Florissant is so important to the kingdom of God and the city of St. Louis that we need to do whatever it takes to preserve it.”  This line of thinking was used to justify unwavering support of Steve Wingfield as lead minister, investing time filling FCCF’s pulpit, joining FCCF in strong-arming critical voices, and pouring financial resources into sustaining the broken church.

Surely such leaders and organizations have been sincere in their desire for what is best for the kingdom.  The “adults in the room” believe Jesus, right?


A moment of clarity has arrived.

The “children in the room” are finding their voice, and First Christian Church of Florissant is speaking for itself.  Joy S. Taylor’s new book, “A View from the Pews,” gives a voice to the actual church itself, not the CEO minister, not the building, not the budget, not the legacy … the CHURCH.  This church is not saying what those leaders said on their behalf.  This narrative sounds different when the “kids” start speaking.

Joy S. Taylor has some of the darnedest – make that outright damning – statements about what has happened to that CHURCH.

First Christian Church of Florissant was and is a CHURCH.  A CHURCH is a group of people doing Jesus’ idea: gathering around food and drink to reflect on His death and resurrection.  A church is not a building.  A church is not a CEO minister.  A church is not a group of elders in the midst of regulatory capture.  A church is not a 501(c)3.  A church is not an organization with business connections.  CHURCH is people.

Now that First Christian CHURCH of Florissant is speaking for itself, everyone who has claimed to love FCCF over the past several years has a fresh opportunity to display that love by listening.  A voice is rising, an independent narrative unedited by the ‘adults in the room,’ a message directly from the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, a View from the Pews.

Jesus loves Joy S. Taylor.  Jesus loves the people of His CHURCH in Florissant.  Jesus loves His children.  Jesus even loves His children who fancy themselves the ‘adults in the room.’  He loves them so much that He has sent this message, offering this window of repentance with a fresh chance to listen and do right by His CHURCH.

Will those who have spoken for FCCF listen now that First Christian CHURCH is speaking for itself?

‘Whoever welcomes one of these little ones in my Name, receives me’ – Jesus

A View From the Pews by Joy S. Taylor is a welcome voice.”


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