This is the true story of a church in America’s Bible Belt, the First Christian Church (renamed Christ First) in Florissant, Missouri–a church with a meager beginning and record of steady growth for forty-nine years until the weight of sexual abuse charges against a youth minister left it, and its congregation, broken. This is a case history and analysis of those events. While assembling the documents, writings, and comments for this study, I realized that the issue went far deeper when the youth minister, Brandon Milburn, was brought to justice and convicted of sexual misconduct against multiple victims. I ask myself, “What about the victims? Who are the victims of this saga? Who are the perpetrators, the abusers?” Through documented information and personal experience, along with added expert analysis, I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
                                                                                                                  —Joy S. Taylor, Author
A mediation meeting in the personal injury case is set for April, 2023. I’ll be going through my previous posts to bring you up to speed on the story line.

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