Matt Chandler, of The Village Church in Texas, steps down from preaching and teaching after being confronted by a church member on the frequency of direct messages sent to a woman not his wife. He went directly to his wife and to the church elders with the concerns of the one who confronted him. The elders commissioned an independent law firm to review the messaging history and asked Chandler to take an indefinite break from preaching and teaching after seeing the results. The elders provided a set of expectations to be met in order for a return to the pulpit. The pastor submitted to the elders and announced their decision to the church body recently.

Here are my initial reactions. Those sitting in the pews at The Village Church may have a much clearer view than I.

–The elders didn’t intervene to protect Chandler or put a positive spin on his behavior.

–The elders showed their leadership in opening up the situation to a third party investigation.

–The elders reacted quickly in asking for the leave of absence.

–Matt Chandler spoke openly to his congregation.

–Matt Chandler publicly apologized for his failing to meet biblical standards and church policy standards.

–Matt Chandler and the elders did not file a law suit to silence the woman who brought her concerns to confront the pastor.


What are your reactions?


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