Book Cover; A View from the Pews

This is the true story of a church in America’s Bible Belt, the First Christian Church in Florissant, Missouri–a church with a meager beginning and record of steady growth for forty-nine years until the weight of sexual abuse charges against a youth minister left it, and its congregation, broken. This is a case history and analysis of those events. While assembling the documents, writings, and comments for this study, I realized that the issue went far deeper when the youth minister, Brandon Milburn, was brought to justice and convicted of sexual misconduct against multiple victims. I ask myself, “What about the victims? Who are the victims of this saga? Who are the perpetrators, the abusers?” Through documented information and personal experience, along with added expert analysis, I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
This is for the victims.
                                                                                                                  —Joy S. Taylor, Author


Book Cover, Finding Brighter Days

Who doesn’t need encouragement in this hectic world we live in? My life is a mix of up and down days. Sometimes I even find myself sideways, wondering how I got there. I imagine you are like that. Finding Brighter Days will take you through days of loss, change, questioning, love, and certainty in my personal experience. I bring God’s gift of encouragement to each day, knowing God’s promise that He holds me securely within His victorious right hand, going ahead of me through the high waters, through the flames, and into His grace. That promise is yours to hold as well.

If you have experienced troubling times, this uplifting book of poetry will inspire you to begin Finding Brighter Days in your life.

‘We are indebted to Joy Taylor for the compassion and care she has offered many individuals in recovery from life’s hurts. Her journey of healing is inspiring, as you will soon discover from this work. I urge you to read it carefully and prayerfully and allow her words to touch and encourage you deeply.’

—Dennis Hounshell, Family Life Minister


Book Cover, Findings: My Journey to Joy

From the early years to the present, readers will find that Joy’s journey to her savior is one of inspiration and hope. Having traveled many miles on life’s weary path, Joy’s wisdom will direct readers on the ultimate journey, one to the Master Healer, the source of true joy.

“Findings: My Journey to Joy” is a delightful compilation of thoughtful and challenging poetry. The author will take you on her journey and have you experiencing the emotional roller coaster that brought her through these challenging times in her life.  The author has poured her heart and soul into this book, and I know that you will enjoy her journey.”

Charles E. Seevers, Director, Kids for Christ International.

Come to understand, as I have learned, that God is constant. That He has written in my heart, “You are mine.  I love you. I will empower you. I encourage you. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are precious. I will always love you.” Life is a journey. Physically, we move through time from cradle to grave. Hopefully, we learn something along the way. Our paths wind up peaks of elation, down valleys of tragedy, over rivers of tears. Each day we face a new set of wanderings taking us closer to the end of the trail. Where we end up physically isn’t important. Where we end up spiritually is everything. You and I are alike. We have experienced much…much that is good, much that is difficult. Come with me on this journey and find lasting joy. Seek joy.