Arise, Almighty God, let your enemies be scattered! Drive them away as wax melts before fire and smoke flees the flame. Let the righteous be joyful and exult your holy name. You are the father to the fatherless and protector of the widows. You settle the solitary with your Spirit. You provide for the needy in your goodness. Grant generosity to your people to fulfill your purposes. Bless you, Lord, because you bear us up daily. You are a God of salvation and deliverance from death. We ascribe power to you, Mighty God, for you continue doing great things. You give power and strength to your people. We stand in awe of your mighty voice. Arise, Almighty God, in the name and authority of Jesus, according to your good and perfect will. Amen.

“God shall arise, his enemies shall be scattered; and those who hate him shall flee before him!” (Psalm 68: 1 ESV)