Father, you are my guide, encourager and leader. You are my sole and soul provider of all I need. Whether in difficult days or good ones, you make me lie down in shelter and peace of mind. You take my hand and walk with me to share the joy of knowing you. You rebuild and redeem my past and establish my future. You show me right ways to glorify your name. Even when I am faced with hardship or sickness or threat of death, you are always there to reassure me and strengthen me. You make me know that tomorrow is not certain and today is a gift. You comfort me with your mighty right hand and wrap me in your robe that fills the temple. You give me victory over my situation and touch my life with your presence. I abide in you. You give me hope and I am make rich in your love. I have all I need. May you be glorified in all I do. I praise you in the name of my Jesus, and according to your perfect will. Amen. (taken from Psalm 23)