Thank you, Father, for your servants who have gone before me. Thank you for my children and their children. I remember their laughter and their tears. I remember their faces, and I long to see them again. They are scattered like the diaspora to many different states, but we maintain our connection through the Holy Spirit. Thank you that each of my kids follows Jesus. Thank you that each of them are sealed by the Holy Spirit. I carry them in my heart and pray for their well-being and for their relationship with Jesus. I pray for my grandchildren that they will make their own decisions to follow Christ. I pray that this Resurrection season touches hearts everywhere to consider the cost and come to Jesus. Forgive us where we fail you, Father. Call us by our names from where we are to come in the name and authority of Jesus, according to your good and perfect will. Amen.

“I thank God whom I serve, as did my ancestors, with a clear conscience, as I remember you constantly in my prayers night and day. As I remember your tears, I long to see you, that I may be filled with joy.” (2 Timothy 1: 3-5 ESV)