Father, I just want to sit here in quiet reverence and love you for what you have done. You are worthy, Lord, to receive glory and honor and power. You created all things. Through your Son’s blood, you bought all men, every nation, every language, yes all peoples. You purchased them at the price of Jesus for yourself. We are yours. You have made us into a kingdom of priests to serve you and to reign with you. You are honored by our prayers. To you the prayers of the saints are like incense. The incense that fills golden bowls. Our prayers are a pleasant fragrance in your house. Glory and honor and power…glory and honor and power…You are worthy of glory and honor and power. Let us sing a new song. I offer my love and reverence in the name of Jesus, and according to your good and perfect will. Amen. (Taken from Rev 4 and 5)