So many decisions in this life, Lord, so much seems to come against me at the same time. Some of them are good decisions to make between opportunities. Some of them are potential resolutions to problems I face, but which way am I to go. Give me discernment to know the difference between what is right and what is almost right, as Charles Spurgeon says. It’s the fine line that trips me up. Highlight the boundaries, Father. Keep my eyes pointed toward Jesus in order to follow him more closely, to walk in his path and not stray. Lead me to make only the choices that glorify you. Forgive my insensitivity to your Holy Spirit’s prompting. Keep my ears tuned to hear him speak. I ask in the name and authority of Jesus, according to your good and perfect will. Amen.

“For we are powerless against this great horde that is coming against us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” (2 Chronicles 20:12 ESV)