OH, my Heavenly Father, I’m a little scatter-brained today. You are the God of clarity and discernment. You are the God of perfect knowledge. Lord, show me where and how to focus my prayers and energy, today and through this coming season, on what you want for me. Let me glimpse a little into the future you have for me: plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans for a hope and a future with you. Guide me in the way I should go. Lead me in your paths of righteousness and perfect justice. Don’t allow me to become stiff-necked in my ways, Lord, keep me flexible and ready to change course at your beaconing. Forgive me when I tend to chase rabbits down holes I have no business going after. Keep me moving ever closer to Jesus. I ask these things in the name and authority of Jesus, according to your good and perfect will. Amen.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33 ESV)