Cannot churches learn from this advice? Oh, that they would all be willing to submit to a third-party review of policies and practices as outlined in this article: There is hope and healing for the wounded church and for the abused victims. Abuse cannot be shrugged off.

“Pastor Jimmy turned this information into a healing balm for his church. He and the congregation went through the stresses of publicity and the trial and struggled to move the church forward in their quest to teach the gospel. Yes, the flock diminished somewhat as a result of the incident, but those who remained found they could learn together and apply everything necessary to protect the flock. Now Jimmy travels, conducting training seminars for churches regarding all that he’s learned.

‘I get to see many details about what it takes to create the facade, select victims, and get away with abusing them. I view this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn all that I can. It’s the best way I know how to express to his victims that I care deeply about their souls and that their abuse will never be reduced to a shrug of the shoulder . . . The best way for our family, church and community to heal is to spend the time learning how abusers think and operate so that we can educate others and teach them how to quickly find high-risk individuals and fend them off.'” (Taylor, Joy S., A View from the Pews — The Inside Story of a Broken Church, 2022 Lily of the Valley Publishing, Santa Claus IN, pp. 136-137.)

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A View from the Pews” is available on Amazon in print and ebook format, along with being available to read through the Kindle Unlimited program. Choose your preferred method and read the rest of the story. This project is for the victims. The first payment to Safe Connections has gone out. Every book sold and every page read helps support this worthy organization. Please join me in the cause for victims of abuse.