Personality differences are always a struggle in the work place. Job security suffers when one occurs between a boss and a subordinate, and the subordinate seldom wins. So, why the issue here that it had to be handled by a public and lengthy humiliation of the Worship Minister? Was his talent a threat to the Senior Minister? Most importantly, did the ‘discipline’ give the desired change? Was the objective to correct the Worship minister or to eliminate him? For the sake of transparency, I was and am supportive of Michael as one out in the pews. I doubt the charges leveled at him, especially after reading the notes of the elders’ meetings. Poorly executed leadership crushes lives.

“Michael was put through church disciplinary measures for something that may not have been his doing. Whatever the case was behind the scenes in the elder meetings, the people in the pews were left wondering why their beloved worship minister was no longer leading. The choir deflated, and several in the congregation left the church in anger at the announced measures. One of the elders delivered the news to the church at the end of Sunday services, explaining Michael’s alleged discipline. Though the senior minister led the movement, he used the elders to give the impression of
unity among leadership. However, I am not sure that was the true sentiment of the elders.“ (Taylor, Joy S., A View from the Pews — The Inside Story of a Broken Church, 2022, Lily of the Valley Publishing, Santa Claus IN, p. 40.)

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