I realize that many churches opt for security teams to protect the body from outside threat. FCCF hired security that obstructed discussions between members and leadership. Then the elders and the senior minister filed orders of protection against current and prior church members. Is an order of protection and kicking members off church property the new form of church discipline? Why was the shepherd afraid of the flock? Did this action help his cause or enrage the membership? Wouldn’t leadership’s transparent communication in good faith, along with repentance and a sincere desire for the good of the victims, have served the church better? I’m just asking.

“Steve hired a security team to ease leadership’s anxiety over the dissenters. I hardly considered myself dangerous, although my stance, and that of the Truth and Reform FCCF members, that Steve should no longer be the senior minister at FCCF, was dangerous to his future. The discussions in the halls of the church building spilled into the press and all over social media, filling threads and news feeds with the rancor within the church body. The pressure mounted and became not worth withstanding for many who simply found another place of worship. The back and forth was similar to the snippets from the leadership meeting quotes mentioned earlier… The church filed orders of protection against a couple in the Truth and Reform FCCF team, along with one against Professor Lay. Police were brought into the pressure tactics to pay a visit to the couple’s home. The police assessment was that nothing was out of order.  Unfortunately, the order of protection meant Doug Lay could not attend the graduation ceremony of his students from St. Louis Christian College. To say that many members were incensed at the leadership’s legal action is an understatement. Several were merely disgusted and found another church to attend. To say that Steve Wingfield’s supporters were incensed that our group could challenge leadership and have negative things to say about the pastor is also an understatement. As I look back, it seems that we were taking part in cancel-culture warfare before it was named cancel-culture. ” (Taylor, Joy S., A View from the Pews — The Inside Story of a Broken Church, 2022, Lily of the Valley Publishing, Santa Claus IN, p. 102,103.)

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