Money talks. Money pressures behaviors, and integrity gets challenged. The shepherds of the church are tasked by Scripture to lead with integrity. The church members must hold their leadership accountable to the high standard of integrity. The church fails when integrity gets trampled in the worship center.

“Let’s dig one layer deeper into the shared interactions of the players. St. Louis Christian College hosted the seedling First Christian Church until it outgrew the little house on campus grounds. The prospering church became a large financial supporter of the school. Some of the church staff members taught at the college. Many of the students at the college attended FCCF. Over twenty FCCF members—elders, Sunday school teachers, and others with family ties to FCCF members—held positions at the college. Conversely, administrators, board members, deans, and interns from SLCC participated at FCCF. St. Louis Christian College garnered financial support from the church revenue and possibly also from individual church members.” (Taylor, Joy S., A View from the Pews — The Inside Story of a Broken Church, 2022, Lily of the Valley Publishing, Santa Claus IN, p.61.)

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